Autonomous vessel guidance published by ABS

A new Guide for Autonomous and Remote-Control Functions has been published by classification society ABS, outlining a goal-based framework for the implementation of these technologies on vessels and offshore units.

The Guide also introduces two new class notations, the ABS Remote-Control and Autonomous notations. Development of the guidance was informed by experiences on remote-control and autonomous operations tug projects in Europe, Asia and the Americas, ABS says.

The publication’s goal-based framework covers interactions with relevant stakeholders such as port authorities and other vessels, employing a risk-based approach to determine the requirements for the assessment and implementation of autonomous and remote-control functions.

“ABS is proud to partner with innovative companies developing some of the most advanced remote-control and autonomous systems in order to deliver world-leading, safety-related guidance on implementation of these technologies,” said Patrick Ryan, ABS Senior Vice President, Global Engineering and Technology.

“The practical capability of these technologies has increased rapidly in recent years and ABS has been at the forefront of these advances. Given our collaborations and experience, we are well placed to support their introduction to the global fleet, and the Guide reflects the deep insights we have developed.”

The ABS Guide for Autonomous and Remote-Control Functions can be downloaded here.

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