Transnet begins recovery from cyber attack

South African port and logistics company Transnet has announced that it has made “significant progress” in restoring its IT systems following a cyber-attack first reported on July 22, with most of its affected applications said to be back up and running.

Port terminals were able to remain operational during the disruption, though container terminals experienced issues with software systems on the trucking side. Terminals operations in the Eastern Cape were halted due to inclement weather, before continuing manually once conditions improved.

The company confirmed on July 23 that it had managed to identify and isolate the source of the disruption, at which point it began working towards restoration of its IT network.

“It is expected that some applications may continue to run slowly over the next few days, while monitoring continues. All operating systems will be brought back in a staggered manner, to minimise further risks and interruptions,” the company said, in a statement on July 26.

“At the ports, each container terminal has communicated its transition plan from manual operation to the full NAVIS-driven operation.”

“The terminals are berthing vessels as planned and facilitating loading and discharge operations with the shipping lines. We will continue to work directly with shipping lines in order to facilitate maximum import evacuation and further exports planned for future vessels. Controls have been developed, in conjunction with the shipping lines and SARS’ Customs division to ensure safe clearance and evacuation of each container.”

The company has communicated to customers on Monday that a ‘force majeure’ event had taken place, covering the period from 22 July.

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