Minerva Global completes blockchain Bill of Lading transaction with WAVE BL

International nut trading organisation Minerva Global has completed the implementation of the WAVE BL platform and completed a successful shipment of cargo using an electronic Bill of Lading (eB/L) with container carrier ZIM, the first blockchain-based eB/L export transaction from the United States.

The end-to-end digital transaction saw the eB/L and accompanying documents for an almond shipment that sailed from Oakland, California, to Tarragona, Spain, cryptographically signed and transmitted using WAVE’s system.

Minerva, the trader in the transaction, endorsed the digital Bill of Lading to the end customer, with the entire transaction completed in under 24 hours.

“After twenty years of hearing about the promise of electronic bills of lading and of waiting for a practical way to bring it to life, we have finally been able to make it happen with the help of WAVE BL’s blockchain technology,” said Ellie Osman, Managing Director of Minerva Global.

“This is an exciting breakthrough in the path towards our ultimate goal of complete trade digitalisation.”

WAVE previously agreed a deal with container carrier MSC in September 2020 to implement its blockchain document platform to manage eB/L transactions in India.

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