ZIM sets up artificial intelligence joint venture

Container shipping company ZIM has established a joint venture with Data Science Group (DSG), which will see the partners create a new Centre of Excellence focused on the field of artificial intelligence (AI).

The centre will aim to develop artificial intelligence and machine learning systems, from the design stage to implementation, which will be deployed by ZIM to improve activities like logistics, operations, finance, and trade.

The centre will employ teams from both ZIM and DSG, including AI experts and engineers, who will work on the evaluation, validation, and development of the AI projects and their implementation into ZIM’s operational environment.

More advanced models will also be developed to forecast demand, plan shipping routes and automate logistical processes, analysing data accumulated from the ZIM shipping fleet.

“Integrating smart solutions into ZIM’s technological apparatus is a central aspect of our vision to lead the field of maritime transportation by using a variety of advanced technologies,” said Eli Glickman, President and CEO of ZIM.

“We chose DSG, a leader in the world of artificial intelligence with experience working on large-scale, international projects in the field, and we are convinced that this collaboration will lead to the realisation of this vision while promoting innovation and ground-breaking developments.”

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