Crew SmartWatch launched by SOL-X

Singapore-based start-up SOL-X has launched a new SmartWatch custom-built for maritime safety operations and with integrated functionality to support crew wellbeing.

Linked with the platform, the SOL-X SmartWatch provides real time visibility of crew operations and is ATEX Zone 1 Certified for use in hazardous environments.

A Workload Management feature enables crew to track their Work Rest hours from their wrist, with this data aggregated for supervisors on the vessel dashboard. Alerts are also triggered when crew need to rest, and the system can advise on which crew members are available to replace them.

Crew activity data can be aggregated and anonymised to be used to baseline and compare across vessels for the purpose of HSE programme design or reviews.

‍The SOL-X SmartWatch also records the temperature and humidity of the individual’s surrounding area to avoid dangerous levels of heat over a sustained period, while built-in heart rate and fitness monitoring capabilities can help to promote overall crew health. GeoFence alerts for dangerous areas and location tracking in lone work situations have additionally been integrated into the device.

“The SOL-X SmartWatch was developed with seafarers in mind. Our team of maritime and safety experts saw a clear need to use technology to operationalise behaviour-based health and safety principles at scale,” said Nigel Koh, Chief Executive Officer of SOL-X.

“Seafarers are now empowered to take ownership of health and safety outcomes, while the shore teams can gain assurance of the right job being done by the right person, at the right place and at the right time.”

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