GTMaritime improves remote software updating system

GTMaritime has announced the release of an updated version of its GTDeploy service, used to remotely manage software updating and patching for shipboard systems.

GTDeploy allows ship operators to send and install software updates and security patches remotely, with the latest version adding a revised workflow to better align with user needs, with a new search function to simplify navigation and easier access to system resource information such as disk space, hardware, network and OS details.

The updated software also supports automation of software deployment management to a rules-based system, so installations across a fleet can run based on customised criteria, and adds an ‘attributes’ function in place of tagging to enable targeted distribution of software updates. Abstract tagging has similarly been replaced with customised attributes for vessels and workstations

“When it comes to cybersecurity, just one piece of out-of-date software can put a vessel at risk of a cyber-attack. Software updates are vital to patch security holes, fix and remove bugs and add new features to improve operations,” said GTMaritime Operations Director, Jamie Jones.

“GTMaritime continuously monitors the evolving cybersecurity landscape and we proactively develop our solutions to provide customers with the greatest level of cyber protection.”

“The latest version of GTDeploy provides customers with greater control over software updates. The redesigned user interface, and new automation and customisable functions have simplified the process to make the deployment of updates even easier to ensure continued fleet-wide security.”

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