OrbitMI adds DTN weather data to software platform

Weather data company DTN has partnered with maritime software provider OrbitMI to integrate their respective technologies, adding DTN data to Orbit’s vessel and fleet management decision support systems.

Orbit aggregates and integrates data from vessels and existing shore-based systems, enhancing it using machine learning and making it visible through dashboards and alerts delivered in real-time via desktop, tablet and smartphone.

The integration with DTN will see Orbit’s software ingest data from DTN marine weather, combining it with other customer data feeds to more accurately assess weather, routes, speed, consumption, TCE and vessel schedules.

For example, Orbit currently alerts operators when vessels deviate from contracted speeds, bunker consumption, or changes to ETA, which could signal that a vessel may arrive too late to its scheduled port. With the DTN integration, Orbit can deliver augmented alerts which include weather and route-related information with recommendations to reroute vessels to avoid adverse conditions.

“Nearly every maritime decision has a dependency on the weather, from safety and routing to fuel usage and vessel efficiency. Integrating our enriched weather data into the Orbit workflow means that all teams, from the office to the ocean, have a single source of truth,” said DTN Vice President of Weather Operations Renny Vandewege.

“It removes the need to switch between single-purpose systems and apps and provides richer, more comprehensive insights.”

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