Start-up Tilla Systems launches crew change platform

Flagship Founders has launched a new start-up called Tilla Systems, which has developed a digital platform for the automated planning and execution of ship crew changes, scheduled to be officially launched in Q4 of this year.

“As (crew changes are) still very much a manual process it doesn’t always result in the best outcome from an economical perspective,” said Niklas Weidmann, Founder and CEO at Tilla.

“So we’ve collated all the information, parameters and parties on one single platform, and employ data mining techniques to cut processing and travel costs. This allows better, more efficient decision-making about when and where a crew change should take place.” 

Tilla uses API interfaces to integrate its essential data sources, pulling crew data from existing software systems to eliminate the need for manual updates. A machine learning algorithm proposes the best time and place for a crew change, including every stage from planning to reporting.

The platform also groups all important information (e.g. current travel restrictions or transport routes) in one place, allowing it to react instantly to last-minute changes and suggest viable alternatives.

Despite the system having not yet been officially launched the company says it has already secured Hamburg-based shipping company Peter Döhle Schiffahrts as an early customer.

“Crew changes are extremely fragmented, dynamic and costly processes making them the perfect point to introduce digital solutions. With Tilla’s support we can keep a closer eye on crew changes, process information more quickly and efficiently, and ensure all our collaborations run smoothly,” said Johann Diercks, Ship Management Director at Peter Döhle Schiffahrts-KG.

“We can streamline our processes and offer our customers the best possible service.”

Tilla is the latest start-up by Berlin-based company builder Flagship Founders, which specialises in creating businesses with digital products for the shipping industry. The last year has also seen the launch of Kaiko Systems, creator of a tool to record and analyse vessel data.

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