OTG joins Marlink partner programme

Ocean Technologies Group (OTG) has joined Marlink’s newly launched Application Partner Programme, linking its Ocean Learning Platform to Marlink’s network infrastructure.

Incorporating maritime e-learning services from Seagull and Videotel, the OTG platform combines features for in-work assessment, competency management and career development with a blended-learning library for mariners.

Company content authoring and publishing tools are available for customised content, while in-platform surveys can be used to check on the well-being and engagement of personnel.

Marlink’s Application Partner Programme enables software providers to optimise their services for delivery via its application management platform, which will allow OTG to provide on demand content updates and a continuous flow of information to ships at sea with minimal administration for the crew and optimised use of bandwidth.

“Shipping companies are safety critical, high reliability organisations dependent on a remote workforce and in a heavily regulated environment, they need to ensure crews are adequately trained and equipped to perform and able to evidence this when required,” said Johan Gustafsson, Chief Revenue Officer, Ocean Technologies Group.

“Our platform makes it possible to plan, execute and monitor a wide range of learning and assessment activities in a single cloud-based system for easy management, analytics and reporting.”

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