AASTS to deploy new training simulators

The Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport Branch in Sharjah (AASTS), United Arab Emirates, has agreed a deal to implement a range of new simulator systems from Kongsberg Digital.

AASTS will deploy the technology at its Maritime Simulation Center to create multiple virtual navigation environments, from ocean passage-making to berthing and port operations.

The simulators can be used to create training scenarios for different vessel types in various operations and weather conditions, and will be used in training and assessment of the Academy’s students as well as crew from government and private organisations.

“We chose Kongsberg because of its extensive portfolio of more than 50 years in building maritime simulators for educational and training purposes, as well as their commitment to ensuring the safety of sea operations,” said Dr. Capt. Ahmed Youssef, Associate Dean, College of Maritime Transport and Technology, AASTS.

“Kongsberg Digital’s simulation systems create realistic scenarios with real people in different locations across the world and can also be integrated with other simulation centres. This means that our virtual training will be on a par with field exercises, if not more realistic, especially with the addition of weather conditions and sailing environments that are difficult to access and conduct training in.”

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