Free carbon emissions estimation tool launched

Norwegian company Siglar Carbon has launched a free tool for estimating emissions from tanker voyages, to allow users to compare the carbon consequences of commercial decisions prior to entering agreements.

The Siglar Carbon Estimator models carbon emissions specific to each ship and voyage, allowing cargo owners to use the estimates to plan voyages and charter ships, or to support ship operators in external benchmarking based on emissions performance.

Siglar collects and processes actual emissions data on a continuous basis and employs machine learning to calibrate and continuously improve the accuracy of its estimates over time.

“We are launching a free version of the estimator to help accelerate the commercial decarbonisation of the shipping industry,” said Sigmund Kyvik, CEO of Siglar.

“We strive to create a ‘common carbon language’ that can help the industry spot and cut emissions efficiently. Releasing the Siglar Carbon Estimator is one step in the right direction, and it can unlock great emissions reduction potential.”

“Customers already use the estimator and new features are under development. The free access allows more ecosystem professionals to speak the same language and the industry to develop the best possible tool to support carbon efficient chartering decisions.”

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