Intellian to build SES MEO antennas in $61m deal

Intellian has signed a new contract worth 71.1 billion won (approx. $61 million) with satellite operator SES, to build antennas for the O3b mPOWER medium Earth orbit (MEO) satellite network, to be located 8000 km above the Earth’s equator.

The deal covers antennas for both terrestrial and marine use in various sizes. Intellian will develop a portfolio of terminals ranging from 85cm to 2.4m, including single, dual and tri-band systems. This would enable SES customers to access the new MEO services as well as connect to SES’ existing fleet of over 70 geostationary and MEO satellites.

The agreement also covers the development of conversion kits for current Intellian products, allowing owners of Intellian’s NX, v240M 2 and v240MT 2 antennas to move to O3b mPOWER should they so wish.

SES plans to introduce the O3b mPOWER service in the first half of next year, launching additional satellites to supplement its existing O3b service.

The new satellite network is expected to provide connectivity between 50Mbps and 20Gbps using the Ka-band frequency, through a total of 20 medium-orbit communication satellites.

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