Kongsberg launches digital toolbox for ocean data

Kongsberg Maritime has launched Blue Insight, a cloud-based digital toolbox for collection, visualisation, contextualisation, management and distribution of ocean data, particularly marine and meteorological information.

Blue Insight provides an open, modular platform for the sharing of ocean data, containing the cloud framework and an application-specific dashboard, linked with data storage and management functionality. Additional modules can be added to this framework based on project requirements.

The service is built on the concept of sensor fusion, by which data is collected from various onboard sensors and a local database for transmission to the cloud. In addition, the module serves as a link with onboard Kongsberg sensors for remote operation.

Several modules already exist to assist customers in collecting data, including Remote, a module that enables remote access to a Kongsberg echosounder via a web interface; Ocean View, a web-based visualisation tool for sensor or database data; and Data Forwarder, enabling data conversion into common formats and automated data forwarding to external cloud systems or databases.

Science Analytics is also available, supplying an infrastructure for more in-depth data-handling capabilities, such as the implementation of machine learning and AI-enhanced data analysis on board or in the cloud.

“Our primary focus in developing this powerful, cloud-based framework for data collection, sharing and analysis has been to increase our knowledge of the ocean environment and act as a digital enabler for sustainability. It’s great to see that vision now becoming a reality,” said Tonny Algrøy, Sales Director Ocean Science, Kongsberg Maritime.

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