Samsung smart systems approved ‘digital twin ready’ by LR

Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI) has been granted Digital Twin Ready Approval in Principle by Lloyd’s Register (LR) for its SVESSEL CBM ‘smart ship’ system, and its S-Fugas (Samsung Fuel Gas) technology, following the two companies’ work within a Joint Development Project (JDP) formed earlier this year.

This is the first time SHI has been awarded classification society approval based on a systems engineering approach for development of artificial intelligence-enabled technology.  

As part of the project, SHI generated a digital twin concept for condition-based maintenance of the rotating machinery in its smart ship offering, and for model-based engineering support and system monitoring of its LNG fuel gas supply system.

LR’s role in the project was to assess the technology for approval based on the Digital Twin Ready elements of the class society’s ShipRight Digital Compliance framework, qualifying SHI’s engineering, software engineering processes, development tools and subject matter experts.

A developer capability assessment was performed and SHI’s systems engineering approach evaluated, including the software engineering practices relevant to the development and operation of digital twins throughout their life cycle.

“SHI believes digital twin technology shall be a key to open the gateway forward to the next level of unmanned automatically operated ships,” said Hyun-Jo Kim, Managing Director, SHI.

“Therefore, we’ll keep developing the technologies that has granted AiP of Digital Twin Ready for the service enabling real-time health monitoring, diagnosis and remained life-time evaluation of the main equipment of ships.”

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