FarSounder and NAVTOR announce data integration

FarSounder and NAVTOR have announced a new partnership that will see NAVTOR’s official ENC chart data supported within FarSounder’s base software package.

FarSounder customers will now be able to use NAVTOR ENC chart data within their applications, and will also be able to bring up Automatic Identification System (AIS) targets and Automatic Radar Plotting Aid (ARPA) targets in the Chart Viewer.

Support for new NMEA message types associated with AIS and ARPA targets has been added and can be displayed on the FarSounder stand-alone system, providing additional situational awareness data for users.

“By implementing the NAVTOR ECDIS Kernel in the FarSounder platform, we bring official electronic navigational chart display (ENCs) to the FarSounder customers for optimal safety, awareness and flexibility,” said Bjørn Kristian Sæstad, CBDO OEM/SDK at NAVTOR.

“A significant benefit from this partnership is the integration with NAVTOR’s trusted e-Navigation ecosystem. The cloud-based data distribution keeps everything up to date, with the latest charts and publications delivered seamlessly to the vessel.”

“For vessels with an ECDIS installed, there is now the option to have matching map displays on both their ECDIS and FarSounder radar system.”

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