IEC Telecom adds real-time maritime surveillance with AnsuR

IEC Telecom has added a new range of shipboard surveillance systems to its connectivity portfolio through a partnership with Norway-based AnsuR Technologies, supporting real-time transfer of video footage or photographs to help identify a vessel problem or monitor ship security.

ASIGN is powered by integrated protocols that have been developed for low bandwidth environments, allowing users to share low resolution preview images and video clips from remote locations in real-time.

Shore staff can select specific areas of interest to then be transferred in higher resolution, increasing the efficiency of the bandwidth used while maintaining the quality of the data transferred.

Designed to deliver real-time video streaming at low data rates, ASMIRA is a software system that allows users to optimise incoming video feeds by adjusting bit rate, frame rate, and resolution. HD quality at is available at less than 200kbps and SD quality at 50kbps.

“Our surveillance portfolio, powered by AnsuR, allows you to remain tactical without incurring huge costs. The pandemic has highlighted the benefits of being able to share situational awareness via a reliable communication system, to enable efficient maintenance, management, remote inspections and enhance crew safety,” said Nabil Ben Soussia, CEO Asia, Middle East & CIS at IEC Telecom Group.

“There are times when details matter. Responding to the needs of our maritime customers and those in the offshore sector, we are now able to provide this optimised software which can support visual data transfer in low bandwidth environments.”

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