Star Information Systems adds mobility to maritime software range

Maritime software provider Star Information Systems is launching a range of STAR Suite applications built on a new technology platform incorporating support for mobile devices.

The STAR Mobility Concept will allow onboard operations to be carried out wherever the crew member is on the ship, with essential work tasks in the STAR Suite being made available on mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops.

The applications are all web-based, scalable for any digital device, and give the user the option to work offline, performing handshakes with the central system once a connection to the internet is established.

“The applications made for offline use are designed to support users in their daily operations and not only as an alternative to online reporting,” the company says.

“Users can bring their devices with all required data into enclosed spaces and elsewhere while they continue to work with checklists, drawings, instruction videos, and spare part inventories. The application will reconnect to the server when a connection becomes available and maintain a copy of the user’s actions in case something happens to the device.”

All of the software modules have been built as Progressive Web Applications (PWAs), which can run on modern browsers such as Edge, Chrome, Opera, Firefox, and Safari. All applications also work on Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS, automatically scaling for the user interface.

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