ABS adds new connection for CMMS data

ABS has added a new option for clients to connect their Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS) directly to the ABS MyFreedom portal, providing a single interface for survey, compliance and maintenance reporting.

The integration enables digital survey crediting and has been fully implemented in the ABS Nautical Systems (ABS NS) software. The new facility is now open and available to any CMMS provider.

ABS MyFreedom offers functionality such as real-time survey status, smart scheduling, remote survey options, including annual surveys with mobile capture and collaboration, access to compliance data and fleet certification renewals.

“Through this integration, we can offer an open and secure platform that seamlessly integrates safety and compliance into everyday operations, driving a digitally-connected and more sustainable shipping future,” said Patrick Ryan, ABS Senior Vice President, Global Engineering and Technology.

“This will streamline the flow of data to optimise operations, better manage maintenance priorities and simplify transactions across systems to improve condition monitoring and increase asset availability.”

In related news, ABS NS and Spares CNX, a provider of spare parts supply chain technology, are partnering to integrate PROPELLER, Spares CNX’s proprietary software for vessel inventory management, with ABS’ NS Enterprise software package.

PROPELLER will operate with select NS Enterprise software modules, including Maintenance Manager, for lifecycle and survey planning for equipment reliability, and Purchasing Manager, which supports inventory control activities.

In addition, the NS eLogs module for digital logbooks will be made available to onboard engineers via PROPELLER Ship hardware.

“In the shipping industry, carrying excess inventory can be extremely costly and drain the bottom line,” said Evan Gooch, President of ABS Nautical Systems.

“Our clients are looking for new ways to reduce investment in spare parts inventory and focus those dollars in areas that move their business forward. The PROPELLER platform is a game-changer with intelligent parts management that offers our clients greater capabilities for prioritising, planning and supporting this cost reduction.”

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