Iridium 88kbps service commercially available

Iridium has announced the commercial availability of its Certus 100 ‘midband’ service providing 88 kbps connectivity via small antennas and battery-powered devices, for basic data communications and IoT applications.

To date, Iridium says it has certified approximately a dozen new partner-built products, with the service being aimed for use in areas like autonomous operations, remote monitoring or basic messaging and transfer of photos and low-resolution video.

“Our new Iridium Certus 100 midband service is designed for applications that are agile, remote, and need more throughput than our traditional narrowband offerings, but don’t demand the speeds or larger, heavier antennas used in our popular Iridium Certus broadband solutions,” said Iridium CEO Matt Desch.

“The impressive number of new products coming to market from our partners tells us that we’re addressing an important new capability that has never been addressed by satellite operators before.” Among the first products available for maritime are the SkyLink by Blue Sky Network and LT-4100 by Lars Thrane, Iridium said. 

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