ABB launches OneBox for shipboard data collection

ABB has launched a new system for collecting and recording vessel performance data, offering the capability to transfer signals from shipboard sensors to its cloud infrastructure for access and analysis by the ship operator.

The company says that the new OneBox system it is compatible with any platform that allows data analysis and interpretation, and can be scaled up to include sensors from additional equipment.

Vessel operating data can be visualised using ABB Ability analytics software, such as its Marine Fleet Intelligence real-time fleet monitoring and analysis application, or the Genix Industrial Analytics and AI Suite. Alternatively, the data can be linked with other third-party web-based platforms for specific analysis requirements.

“With many in merchant shipping seeking a cost-efficient way to kick-start their digital transformation journey, we are delighted to add OneBox to the solutions ABB offers to market,” said Antto Shemeikka, Head of Digital Services, ABB Marine & Ports.

“OneBox can be implemented quickly, cost-efficiently and with minimum effort, and upgraded seamlessly to keep pace with changing digital demands. Owners with no previous experience of digitalising the operations of their vessels can gain valuable information about ship performance and transform their operational decision making onboard existing ships, for example by utilising integrated signals from the Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS), fuel systems, engines, and shaft power meter.”

“OneBox demonstrates our commitment to supporting shipping companies with their digitalisation strategies. By continuing to provide shipowners with intelligent digital solutions, we are contributing to a smarter, greener and more efficient marine environment.”

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