METIS platform to integrate weather data from Spire

Satellite data company Spire has signed a new agreement with METIS Cyberspace Technology of Greece to provide weather-forecasting services for integration into the METIS data acquisition and analytics platform.

Through a combination of terrestrial and satellite data, Spire can offer data about weather patterns at each layer of the Earth’s atmosphere and across its surface. The new deal will make Spire the fourth weather provider to contribute to METIS’ range of applications.

METIS will receive a 10-day forecast covering the entire global grid, with an update frequency of one to six hours. The package will include atmospheric data such as temperature and wind speed; maritime data on sea currents and basic wave heights; and wave-specific data comprising insights on waves and swell.

Based on this information, METIS will be able to improve its weather-routing and speed-profiling capabilities as well as its ability to provide proactive weather alerts to its customers.

“A crucial part of our strategy is to establish an open platform on which our solutions interconnect with those of third-party providers to offer added value to customers,” said Andreas Symeonidis, Marketing Manager, METIS Cyberspace Technology.

“As the latest example of this approach, our collaboration with Spire gives us full global coverage of weather conditions with no blind spots, allowing us to account for all eventualities and deliver our most precise weather-based services yet.”

“The interaction between our platform and Spire’s is extremely fast and efficient, which means we can reduce the time it takes to complete each request and perform complex analyses involving multiple routes. This flexibility will enable us to finetune our existing services and – even more importantly – develop new and highly specialised ones.”

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