Sofar Ocean launches Wayfinder route optimisation platform

Sofar Ocean, fresh off a $39 million Series B funding round, has announced the launch of Wayfinder, its dynamic route optimisation platform used to improve maritime route efficiency and reduce fuel emissions.

The new system combines Sofar’s proprietary open ocean sensor network and weather forecasts with real-time market variables and personalised vessel performance models to deliver weather routing and daily speed and routing guidance.

“Wayfinder is the Google Maps or Waze of the ocean. It’s your voyage partner – always looking out for the best options among the trillions of possible routes in the ocean,” said Tim Janssen, CEO and co-founder of Sofar Ocean.

“Like navigation apps on land, Wayfinder integrates seamlessly into the captain’s workflow and is easy to use. It constantly updates its recommendations based on the latest weather data powered by thousands of live weather sensors, variations in the bunker and charter market, and vessel performance dynamics.”

“Ocean intelligence is in our team’s DNA, and Wayfinder is a big step toward our mission of building a more connected ocean.”

Shipping companies including Singapore-based Berge Bulk, and Star Bulk and Seaven in Greece, have signed up to use the technology, and the firm has also recently joined the ABS My Digital Fleet Alliance Program to link its ocean data system with the ABS platform.

“Wayfinder allows us to increase vessel utilisation and efficiency, ensuring that we balance profitability with emissions reduction objectives,” said Berge Bulk CEO James Marshall, with the company having been one of the pilot customers for the platform.

“By using Wayfinder’s data and voyage optimisation, we’ve seen efficiency gains in the range of 4.5% on dedicated voyages, which translates into as many as 14 additional sailing days per year per vessel.”

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