Port of Antwerp to digitalise radar infrastructure

The Port of Antwerp has invested in a project to digitalise its radar infrastructure through a new contract with security services firm Securitas, which will integrate products from Italian radar manufacturer ICS.

The project will see the 12 current analogue radars gradually replaced with updated systems and seven new radar set-up points added. An IALA-compliant (International Association of Lighthouse Authorities) Vessel Traffic Service (VTS) is also planned to be rolled out by the end of the first quarter of 2022.

Port of Antwerp began rolling out new vessel traffic management services earlier this year, with the aim of upgrading the guidance of shipping traffic behind the locks, That VTS will link with the new digital radar infrastructure for improved data exchange.

The port says that the radar project is also expected to support and accelerate efforts in other development areas, such as connection with its digital twin APICA (Advanced Port Information and Communication Assistant).

This digital twin allows a variety of real-time data to be collated and analysed to create actionable information for internal and external stakeholders, improving overall situational awareness around the port.

“Our ambition is to become a world port of the future where innovation and digitalisation are key. This new radar infrastructure will help us manage our port more efficiently and is an important step towards even safer and smoother traffic,” said Port alderman Annick De Ridder.

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