Dataloy Systems completes data integration with Chinsay platform

Voyage management software provider Dataloy Systems has agreed a new deal to integrate its application with Chinsay’s intelligent contract platform for the commodities and freight markets, ICP.Freight.

The connection between the two systems will allow the automatic integration of commercial and contractual data in Chinsay’s application with Dataloy VMS (Voyage Management System), a process that was previously only performed manually.

This new service is now available for joint clients with minimal setup, the companies said, supported by the open Dataloy API. Users can populate forms in ICP.Freight by pulling or pushing data from a voyage estimate in Dataloy, and push approved main recap data from ICP directly to Dataloy VMS. Dataloy VMS can then create a cargo/voyage within the application with prepopulated data.

“Our drive to create a collaborative ecosystem comes from our desire to give clients the ability to work more efficiently and unlock the true potential of their data,” said Colin Hayward, CEO of Chinsay.

“We are very pleased to announce our partnership with Dataloy, an excellent example of an API-first company that has greatly simplified complex maritime operations, which brings a great deal of increased productivity to joint clients and streamlines a process that was previously time-consuming and prone to error.”

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