Emirates Shipping Line, Peter Döhle and Nautilus Labs partner to optimise ship performance

Emirates Shipping Line and Peter Döhle have announced a partnership with technology firm Nautilus Labs to optimise performance on their common vessels through improved data exchange and analysis.

Emirates Shipping Line, charterer and operator of the vessels and headquartered in Dubai, and Germany-based ship owner Peter Döhle, the technical manager for the vessels, will use Nautilus Labs’ software to improve collaboration and transparency across teams and stakeholders, and to accelerate the vessels’ data collection capabilities.

Leveraging high-frequency sensor data, Nautilus Labs’ system automates machine learning models to examine vessel performance and provide predictive decision support. Emirates Shipping Line and Peter Döhle have implemented Nautilus’s Voyage Optimization application to provide optimal dynamic operating recommendations during a voyage to minimise greenhouse gas emissions and maximise economic returns.

“For our teams at Emirates Shipping Line, it’s important to understand true vessel performance and work with a solution that delivers highly accurate models,” said Willem Bekooy, Vice President of Operations at Emirates Shipping Line.

“In Nautilus, we found a provider that helps us strengthen the relationships with our partners — enabling both parties to access a centralised technology platform that allows us to monitor, track, and improve fleet performance and efficiency.”

“By adopting a data driven partnership approach through Nautilus’s Voyage Optimization, we are working towards increased sustainability and profitability.”

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