Nautilus Labs adds AI-powered route optimisation to software platform

New York-headquartered Nautilus Labs has updated its voyage optimisation software system to now include machine learning-based route recommendations, to support vessel operators in reducing carbon emissions from ship voyages while maximising commercial returns.

Nautilus’s route optimisation application includes the user’s commercial goals in addition to meteorological forecasts as part of its calculation process, looking for opportunities created by weather to generate the best route for the desired business outcome.

The AI-powered operating recommendations are sent daily and updated as dynamic conditions change during a voyage.

Nautilus Labs utilises proprietary machine learning models tailor-made for each individual ship to improve accuracy, calibrated to the vessel’s individual hull geometry, propeller configuration, and historical performance trends.

These models are coupled with weather data, voyage information, variable market factors, ChartWorld’s Route Network Database, and the optimal speed to produce a dynamically optimised route recommendation over the course of a voyage.

“It is crucial to take commercial factors into consideration, and then constantly optimise a route in real-time from port to port,” said Matt Heider, CEO at Nautilus Labs.

“By leveraging our sophisticated machine learning models with best-in-class accuracy, our platform can output optimal route and speed recommendations based on our clients’ preferences and forecast environmental factors. We’re proud to partner with our clients on their path towards decarbonisation and increased fuel efficiency while maximising economic returns.”

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