FuelTrust offers carbon baseline tracking service for emissions reporting

Blockchain fuel tracking firm FuelTrust has launched a new Carbon Baseline service using artificial intelligence to provide a verified baseline assessment of historical vessel and fleet emissions.

The company says that, as shipping progresses towards its 50% carbon reduction target in 2050, progress of individual vessels towards this goal will be assessed based on historical baselines going back to 2008. Owners with a detailed and verified baseline assessment of historical fleet emissions, based on scientific analysis, could have a commercial and ESG compliance advantage over those using current emissions models that can only estimate performance.

The Carbon Baseline service’s AI Digital Chemist aims to deliver a validated historic carbon baseline, leveraging historical operational data to calculate prior-year GHG emissions profiles for a vessel or fleet.

The system provides calculations based on a simulation of combustion at a molecular level, which considers differences between batches of fuels. A blockchain certificate is delivered with its findings, creating a fixed-in-time record that can be used to apply for carbon credits.

“With Carbon Baseline, class or flag authorities can be provided a more accurate, third-party verified report on the emissions reductions actually achieved, meaning the fleet owner, their customers and their investors can benefit,” said Darren Shelton, Chief Product Officer at FuelTrust.

“Exact calculation is essential for the industry as not all fuels are created equal. Recent studies have shown that, for example, there can be an energy density difference of up to 3% between batches of the same fuel. There is also a significant carbon difference between batches.”

“By offering this higher level of granularity in our data, we can give owners and charterers a far better picture of what their GHG performance has been in the past and what will be in the future.”

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