OneLearn to offer hologram-led training courses

OneLearn Global is to offer new eLearning services built on the holographic telepresence technology recently deployed by Columbia Shipmanagement (CSM) to connect Cyprus and Manila for a live meeting.

OneLearn says that it wi8ll shortly begin offering live courses run by holographic tutors from the company’s headquarters in Limassol, Cyprus, to audiences around the globe. The hologram-projection technology is the brainchild of PORTL, a US-based company that spent a year building a tailormade portal for OneLearn client CSM.

The system was demonstrated in January when Mark O’Neil, CEO and President of CSM, appeared via hologram from Limassol before an audience in Manila – nearly 9,000km away. Mr O’Neil was in a purpose-built ‘capture’ studio at OneLearn’s Cyprus offices and the audience at the Nautilus Pacific Training Centre saw his life-sized hologram appear in a 2.5m glass-fronted computerised cabin or portal.

Mr O’Neil could speak to, see and hear the people attending the event in Manila. Each portal has built-in speakers, through which the speaker’s voice can be heard. The cameras and microphones allow the person appearing as a hologram to see the audience.

“This next-generation technology gives people the means to project themselves as life-size holograms when running live courses for mariners on shore or at sea,” said Nigel Cleave, Senior Advisor at OneLearn Global.

“Holograms are the latest innovation in maritime training, which we’re pioneering as part of our mission to revolutionise how shipping companies develop and upskill their crewmembers.”

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