Synergy Marine Group signs up to Seably digital training platform

Singapore-based ship manager Synergy Marine Group has agreed a deal to provide its seafarers with access to Seably’s digital platform for maritime training.

The Synergy Group has a network of 25 offices in 13 countries and employs some 18,000 seafarers. The firm manages a fleet of more than 500 vessels, including container ships, tankers, and bulk carriers.

“Continuous learning is at the heart of our culture at Synergy – and our commitment to helping our people upskill and thrive in an ever-changing world,” said Martin Ackermann, Synergy’s Chief Commercial Officer.

“Our engagement with Seably reflects our joint interests and shared values in putting seafarers first and improving safety at sea. Seably’s exciting new seafarer-centric digital training platform is the perfect vehicle for ongoing learning, training and development.”

“The dynamics of the new digital platform usher in a new way of delivering maritime training and development, providing relevant, content that is easy to understand and digest. It also means that our seafarers will have access to an increased amount of personalised learning material that will enhance their safety and overall wellbeing.”

Seably operates a digital marketplace providing access to virtual training and e-learning. Its content can be used on seafarers’ own devices in both online and offline modes, on smartphones, tablets or PCs.

Synergy employees will have access to company-owned content, as well as over 270 courses covering a range of topics, including specialised wellness programmes, following the new agreement.

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