NearshoreNetworks adds MiWire GSM antenna systems

NearshoreNetworks, headquartered in Houston, Texas, has announced a new strategic contract agreement with MiWire of Denmark, with the Danish company’s SeaWire 4G and 5G wireless broadband antenna router product range to be offered by Nearshore to maritime markets in the Americas and Europe.

The deal will allow Nearshore to offer a full range of maritime wireless broadband services, including SeaWire antenna routers, data connectivity plans, installation and maintenance.

“We are pleased that Nearshore has selected MiWire and the SeaWire product range to deliver wireless broadband to its maritime clients,” said MiWire’s CEO, David Fleischer.

“This agreement will make the SeaWire wireless 4G and 5G routers available to new important key markets. MiWire will help Nearshore meet the fast-growing demand for high-quality broadband at sea at an attractive cost.”

“Together we will enable a range of attractive applications that the internet is offering to the maritime sector, and Nearshore clients will now have access to our patented intelligent antenna concept, which ensures the best connectivity even at a longer distance.”

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