Windward launches Ocean Freight Visibility software

Predictive analytics company Windward has launched its new Ocean Freight Visibility system, designed to provide automated data collection and analysis services for freight forwarders, offering real-time ETA predictions, disruption risk predictions, reasons for delay, and location-based information for containerised freight.

The application is currently being used by freight forwarding companies including DSV, Metro Shipping and Cargo Amerford as early adopters ahead of this commercial launch.

Users can input their containers and proactively mitigate risks by monitoring shipment disruptions affecting container ETAs. The system alerts in real-time about any evolving delay and includes additional daily alerts via email.

The software can also be linked through an API integration to existing transportation management systems or web applications.

“The supply chain today is facing a combination of factors that have been long in the making: the rise of consumer demand, lagging infrastructure, labour shortages, and a constant eruption of local disruptions. Put these together and you have a butterfly effect,” said Ami Daniel, Co-Founder and CEO of Windward.

“We don’t know when the supply chain crisis will end, yet creating solutions to help manage supply chain risk is critical.”

“Freight forwarders are the key to making the supply chain more efficient, but without the proper tools they are constantly reacting to evolving situations as opposed to initiating protective and proactive steps. Windward is proud to bring our years of expertise in deep learning, maritime AI and big data to give freight forwarders real-time visibility and provide actionable insights for their shipments, helping them manage ocean freight in real-time.”

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