ABS publishes autonomous vessel framework white paper

Class society ABS has published a whitepaper outlining a goal-based framework for the development of rules to enable autonomous vessel operations.

The Autonomous Vessels Whitepaper sets out 10 goals to support the design and operation of autonomous vessels and looks at key issues in their implementation, while also including an update on the outcome of the IMO’s Maritime Autonomous Surface Ships (MASS) Regulatory Scoping Exercise.

“To allow operations of fully autonomous vessels, the maritime industry requires regulations for their design. While this is an ongoing endeavour at the IMO, ABS is well placed to propose our own framework to support both safe innovation and adoption of autonomous technologies,” said Patrick Ryan, ABS Senior Vice President, Global Engineering and Technology.

“We are able to do this thanks to our industry-leading work with key players on cutting edge remote-control and autonomy projects all over the world. This extensive experience underpins the approach and the framework outlined in this whitepaper.”

Copies of the whitepaper are available to download for free via the ABS website.

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