Condition monitoring tech for AW Ship Management Ro-ro vessels

AW Ship Management (AWSM) has agreed a deal with James Fisher Mimic (JFM) to deliver a condition monitoring (CM) system to four vessels, as part of a wider ongoing maintenance optimisation project at the company.

The latest Mimic 5 version of the application will be installed on four roll-on-roll-off (Ro-Ro) vessels owned by Foreland Shipping and used to collect, combine, and analyse machinery vibration and performance data. This will enable the operator to identify machinery defects early and proactively commence maintenance activity to improve machinery reliability and performance.

The software’s fleet dashboard capability will also be used to monitor and compare all vessels’ machinery health to focus efforts on potential problem areas across the fleet.

Critical propulsion and auxiliary machinery will be covered, with data such as pressures, temperatures, rpm and running current collected by the crew using a portable mobile tablet device. Vibration data will be gathered by a handheld Bluetooth vibration accelerometer.

In the longer term, AWSM plans to integrate the Mimic software directly with its existing Machinery Planned Maintenance System (MPMS) to provide a more holistic overview of vessel maintenance for onboard and office users.

“Aligning with the global maritime industry’s digital transition, Mimic 5 is easily accessible and provides comprehensive and accurate analysis, identifying early onset issues before the possible cause of failure. The use of the Mimic 5 system will support AWSM by ensuring increased vessel reliability and availability,” said Bill Porteous, Technical Superintendent at AWSM.

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