Japan’s Fukujin Kisen to implement cloud-based software package

Fukujin Kisen, a Japanese ship owner and management company, has agreed a deal to implement the Cloud Fleet Manager (CFM) software system from Lloyd’s Register subsidiary Hanseaticsoft to improve its operational efficiency.

CFM offers a single cloud-based source of real-time information for employees, crews at sea and external partners. Individual departmental modules can automatically exchange data with one another to allow workflows to be streamlined and ensure relevant information is available to staff where required.

Fukujin Kisen will use all of the approximately 40 different applications available within CFM to automate business areas including purchasing, budgeting, inspections, maintenance and crew management.

The company will also make use of the software’s PowerBI Integration to collate data from multiple sources, allowing it to be centrally analysed for management reporting.

“CFM will be a key accelerator for the digitisation of our ship management, and we have high expectations for future development,” said Masaki Takabatake, Manager at Fukujin Kisen.

“This platform will streamline and improve all our processes and identify areas for improvement. This will enhance our business performance and help us reduce costs.”

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