Infoship updated with additional fuel optimisation features

Infoship Performance, the vessel voyage management software developed by Arribatec Marine (previously IB Marine), has added a range of new features with the release of its latest version.

Previous editions already included specific features aimed at monitoring and reducing vessel fuel consumption and emissions, which will be supplemented with new functionality to identify potential fuel saving actions and assist operators in managing environmental compliance.

Infoship Performance can now manage a range of different configurations according to the fuel in use in a single engine, boiler or any other equipment, reporting data based on that specific fuel profile. The company says that this should allow users to work with more accurate models to predict ship fuel consumption based on different scenarios.

The system has also added features to generate information about seven new pollutants in line with international regulations on the monitoring of emissions of particulates, oxides and dioxides. Updates to permitted emissions in different ECA zones have additionally been made, including the latest amendments by South Korea’s MOF, the Australian Maritime Safety Authority and the China Maritime Safety Administration.

Specific functionality for LNG operators has been added to Infoship within the new version of the software, with a Heel Calculator for LNG carriers to be featured for the first time.

Heel LNG is the small amount of liquefied natural gas remaining on board a vessel after discharge of the regular LNG cargo, often used as fuel on return journeys. The new tool allows users to calculate how much of that Heel LNG is required in the tanks to guarantee the vessel has the necessary fuel for its ballast voyage.

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