Port of Long Beach data sharing system gets US West Coast backing

The Port of Oakland and The Northwest Seaport Alliance have announced that their backing for the Port of Long Beach’s new digital ‘Supply Chain Information Highway’ initiative, a free service to share cargo tracking data with shippers and other stakeholders to integrate into their own systems.

The digital infrastructure aims to allow authorised participants to draw upon the data and use it in their own dashboards to predict cargo arrival, plan equipment deployment and improve efficiencies.

“The Supply Chain Information Highway is an inclusive solution that provides a common corridor for cargo data status from various sources to intersect in order to provide secure end-to-end visibility to thousands of customers and stakeholders that interact with the supply chain every day,” said Port of Long Beach Deputy Executive Director Dr Noel Hacegaba, speaking at the recent TPM 2022 conference.

“It can be integrated into any proprietary system to enable users to make operational decisions, plan resources and minimise delays, and best of all, it will be free to the end user. We welcome the support of the Port of Oakland and Northwest Seaport Alliance. Their participation will help extend the reach of the Supply Chain Information Highway across the West Coast and eventually the nation.”

The Port of Long Beach says it has been gathering and normalising event data in recent months for an initial group of stakeholders, including a marine terminal operator, transportation providers and beneficial cargo owners. Members of the testing phase group were invited to transmit data, query data, and validate the results.

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