Terradepth launches ocean data platform

Ocean data firm Terradepth has launched its Absolute Ocean cloud-based data management platform, providing access to existing customer-owned datasets and subscription-based data within any web browser.

Absolute Ocean (AO) supports a variety of geospatial data types, including side-scan sonar, synthetic-aperture sonar, multi-beam bathymetry, satellite-derived bathymetry, lidar, magnetometer, 2D- and 3D-point cloud and satellite imagery.

The library also possesses a range of tools and search features, with metadata catalogued with each data source. Automatic target recognition is available using the systems own machine-learning models, with its neural network providing predictions that the company says are more accurate than those of individual models.

“What makes AO unique is its intuitive, immersive interface that enables visualisation of high-resolution, vast geospatial datasets,” said Evan Martzial, Terradepth Vice President of Business Development.

“AO offers a robust solution for all aspects of geospatial data visualisation, collaboration, analysis and management that will increase your operational efficiency while easily integrating into your existing workflows.”

“Our ocean-data-as-a-service model will leverage our browser-based, cloud infrastructure to make accessible valuable and mission-critical data in a secure manner to internal stakeholders, as well as interested third parties. Our ODaaS platform will be able to provide on-demand ocean data access to enterprise business units, departments or customers, regardless of geography.”

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