ioCurrents and Helm Operations integrate to support data exchange

Maritime tech companies ioCurrents and Helm Operations have announced a new partnership to integrate their respective systems, simplifying access to artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning support for maintenance management processes.

During the first stage of this integration, ioCurrents will use its data analytics platform, MarineInsight, to trigger maintenance tasks in Helm CONNECT based on alerts that are defined by OEM-prescribed thresholds and filtered by machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms.

The second stage of the integration will focus on using MarineInsight to automatically populate vessel engine readings and hour meters within Helm CONNECT, to give onboard and shoreside teams full transparency of vessels’ maintenance requirements.

“ioCurrents is thrilled to be working with Helm Operations as we have long admired their approach to help drive greater efficiencies within maritime,” said Jon Best, Director of Business Development for ioCurrents.

“By using our data analytics platform to automatically populate Helm CONNECT, seafarers will be free of many mundane manual data collection tasks. This will give them more time to focus on the dashboard results so they can schedule maintenance jobs in a timely fashion.”

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