Yara Marine makes last call for ‘green’ maritime start-up accelerator

Yara Marine Technologies has announced a closing date of 11 April for online submissions for the firm’s Yara Marine X (YMX) start-up accelerator programme, focusing on ‘green’ and sustainable maritime technologies.

The three-month programme, which follows on from a first accelerator round in 2020, is open to both hardware and software entries, with Yara Marine noting that it has have already received entries from a variety of start-ups focusing on vessel performance optimisation, digital systems, emissions abatement, maintenance and repair.

The winners will gain access to Yara Marine’s industry knowledge and corporate networks, as well as potentially receiving financial support to allow for the rapid scaling up of a project if required.

“We are eager to cast our net as wide as possible to ensure that we assemble the best that emerging green technologies have to offer to the maritime industry,” said Yara Marine Technologies’ CEO, Dr Thomas Koniordos.

“As we have learned from the first iteration of YMX in 2020, identifying a trustworthy business case remains crucial for all businesses, even mature technologies. This is particularly true given that customers are currently looking for attractive payback times and will be comparing each of our solutions with alternatives in/on the market, so reputation and trust are truly vital components in this process. This understanding influences how we nurture and fast-track innovation within the programme.”

“The YMX process continues to allow us to collaborate with brilliant people that are exploring exciting ideas. By working together, evaluating the relevance of their technology for the maritime market, we have the chance to assess whether their project would be the right fit for the industry while also allowing us to reimagine the industry itself in light of these new technologies.”

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