Aderco launches new app for fuel management

Fuel treatment technology firm Aderco has launched a new app for iOS and Android, designed to support both onboard officers, crew, and shore-based staff in managing fuel quality.

Fuel data can be received directly into the app via VPS, the bunker fuel testing company for ship operators, covering selected bunkering ports and incorporating a traffic light warning system. Videos covering fuel incompatibility and stability, water and catfines are included, as well as bacteria and biodiesel (FAME) information.

A support section has been built into the application to cover onboard issues, FAQs, troubleshooting, a technical library, preventative treatment and curative treatment for both two stroke and four stroke engines.

“We are super excited with our new app, which has been built entirely from inception to completion in just nine months, with the principal goals of offering ease of navigation, a fast download time and the ability for users to use the app offline, the latter being of particular importance for those serving at sea with potential connectivity challenges,” said Olivier Baiwir, CEO of Aderco.

“Our company has been the first to design and formulate green and sustainable organic surfactant technology and, through extensive research and development, we have overcome fuel issues with enormous success, as well as developing environmentally-friendly products for the most diverse applications involving combustion engines. Incorporated within the app is the Aderco Greenometer, which displays CO2 savings.”

“Evidenced by the launch of our app, Aderco today is very much a forward-thinking company, consistently driving innovation to enhance the performance of energy transition. Modern oil distillates are blends of straight-run and chemically transformed products. Shorter shelf-life, reduced stability or rapid deterioration due to contamination and solids precipitation are increasingly common issues that directly impact the combustion process. Our unique organic fuel treatment technology delivers holistic, end-to-end solutions providing optimum results in terms of efficiency, economy and, above all, the environment.”

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