Bureau Veritas adds digital tool for machinery maintenance

Bureau Veritas (BV) has launched a new Machinery Maintenance digital tool to connect directly with a vessel operator’s Computer Machinery Maintenance System (CMMS) and assist them in organising their data to transition to optimised machinery maintenance schemes.

Typical current machinery maintenance schemes involve an in-person inspection of all machinery items by a surveyor once every five years, during the renewal survey. However, an increasing number of vessel operators are beginning to shift to a more optimised survey approach, such as Continuous Machinery Survey (CMS) processes or a Planned Maintenance Survey System (PMS) scheme.

Within these types of set-up each machinery item is given an individual maintenance schedule and scope.

The new BV Machinery Maintenance platform aims to connect the ship operator’s systems with BV’s software to support this move towards a digital process, with automated integration of the computer maintenance management systems (CMMS) to allow data on the maintenance status of all machinery items to be collected, enabling the user to manage modifications to onboard equipment and have access to manufacturer manuals, from planning initialisation to in-service operations.

Pilots of the new system are currently being deployed, BV says.

“We know that efficient maintenance can have a major impact on vessel operations. As greater digitalisation and improved monitoring technology have become available, owners can now move to upgraded systems that further optimise maintenance planning, reliability and costs,” added Laurent Hentges, Vice President, Digital Solutions & Transformation at Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore.

“As a classification society, we have a crucial role to play in helping ship owners transition to optimised machinery maintenance systems. We are very pleased to introduce this new tool to help them save time and money.”

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