GTMaritime updates replication system to V2

GTMaritime has launched a new version of its GTReplicate application, to further improve its data replication capabilities between ship and shore by adding new functionality and increasing its security and in-service stability.

Additional features available from GTReplicate V2 include email integration to define replication jobs that send or receive data from email sources; pre and post job commands to control other applications; data transfer monitoring; and intelligent data syncing to only transfer data that has not already been replicated when implementing the application in place of an existing software system.

“At GTMaritime we always put the needs of our customers first and we are continuously developing and improving our solutions to address both customer and industry needs as they evolve,” said GTMaritime Global Commercial Director, Mike McNally.

“GTReplicate V2 is a smart solution which allows IT managers to configure, monitor and execute simultaneous file transfer solutions; its powerful scheduler allows necessary tasks to be executed without human intervention.”

“As part of our continuous product improvement process, we have added a host of new features to the GTReplicate product roadmap to further support our customers operations, and deliver greater control, security and flexibility.”

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