SMI and RISE ink R&D partnership

The Singapore Maritime Institute (SMI) and the Research Institutes of Sweden (RISE) have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to collaborate in common areas of interest on maritime research and development.

Under the three-year agreement, both RISE and SMI will work together to identify common R&D areas of interest in four broad areas of maritime informatics, supply chain innovation and efficiency, decarbonisation and sustainability, and safety and security.

An initial virtual workshop was scheduled for 5 April 2022, where experts and researchers from RISE and SMI, together with industry representatives from both countries, will meet to identify applicational areas of collaboration, in particular those that may be empowered by digitalisation.

“The joint workshop is the first step towards catalysing discussions between SMI, RISE and the research partners of both countries,” said Tan Cheng Peng, Executive Director of SMI.

“It aims to formulate project ideas and identify common research topics for future joint grant calls. Our Centres of Excellence will also benefit from working with the researchers in Sweden as they share their domain knowledge and explore potential collaboration opportunities.”

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