Port of Antwerp introduces IoT cargo temperature monitoring

The Port of Antwerp, working with a range of logistics industry partners, has announced a new service offering cargo temperature condition monitoring for cargo, providing exception alerting for both shippers and 3PLs.

The system has been developed in collaboration with Foodcareplus, a food transportation logistics provider, Dockflow, a logistics enablement platform, and TrakAssure, a provider of IoT cargo monitoring services.

The new offering utilises the existing LoRaWAN infrastructure at the port, where TrakAssure monitors are installed at the load location to collect data that can flow into Dockflow’s servers via API, allowing it to be shared with relevant stakeholders in the cold chain.

The technology allows operators to ‘manage by exception’ based on real-time data and share information through the Dockflow platform, so resources can be dispatched as required to target containers that display temperature variations.

“At the Port of Antwerp, our interest is to grow our volumes and provide services that have a meaningful impact on our customers and partners,” said Stef Wilrycx, Marketing Expert at the Port of Antwerp.

“By enabling network connectivity at the port, we allow our ecosystem to develop and engage while sharing data in an open and transparent environment that fosters higher quality through innovation. This project is a true testament to the value-added environment we wish to create for our customers.”

The team says that it is now moving to the commercial phase of the project and will deploy thousands of monitors on cargo passing through the port within the next 12 months.

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