Shipnet and Seaber announce product integration

Following a six-month pilot, ShipNet and Seaber have agreed a partnership to integrate Seaber’s fleet optimisation capabilities into Shipnet’s commercial management software.

ShipNet’s fleet management applications include commercial, technical and safety management modules, as well as financial accounting features.

Seaber’s schedule planning software offers full fleet TCE (time charter equivalent) optimisation, allowing users to dynamically plan voyages under different scenarios and compare scenario expenses, including support for planning of scenarios when loading and discharging in multiple ports.

“The end goal is simple: give choice to our users,” said John Wills, ShipNet’s VP Product.

“They can evaluate voyages on a net daily basis with ShipNet’s existing toolset, or maximise fleetwide utilisation using Seaber, all without sacrificing their overall management tool for commercial operations.”

“The other impact of using a tool like Seaber is an increase in cargo moved per unit of carbon emitted, we view this aspect of optimisation as being much more important to our customers as time goes on and cargo owners become more sensitive to supply chain emissions management.”

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