Idwal adds data comparison tool to inspection reports

Idwal has announced that it is adding a new data comparison feature to all of its inspection reports to enable users to benchmark their vessel against others in the same sector.

The tool will come as a free upgrade to all ‘The Idwal Grade’ inspection report customers, the company’s system for measuring asset integrity using more than 500 individual data points captured during a standardised inspection process.

The Idwal Grade is represented as a number between 1 and 100 for visualisation of the integrity of the vessel. Each individual grade can now be plotted alongside other vessels of a similar type so the user can examine the asset in the context of the rest of the market.

“We inspect thousands of vessels a year and have been doing so for many years. Using the Idwal Grade consistently enables us to clearly see where one vessel sits in relation to others in the same sector,” said Idwal CEO Nick Owens.

“We are providing this tool as a free upgrade to our reports following feedback from many customers who are clear about the integrity of their vessels from our reports but have an interest in understanding how their grade compares to others and where they sit in the marketplace.”

“We are a vessel inspection business firmly built on a data-driven methodology that ensures our reports are consistent, accurate and free from bias. The data we have available provides our customers and ultimately the industry with more visibility and understanding of the world’s fleet and we will start to provide more tools and insight over the coming months and years as we develop this aspect further.”

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