Sierra Leone to adopt Windward AI system for vessel screening

The Sierra Leone Maritime Administration (SLMARAD) has partnered with Windward for the provision of AI-powered screening of all existing and incoming vessels in its registry, to detect potential illegal or deceptive practices.

SLMARAD will use Windward’s system to investigate whether vessels are engaging in illicit behaviour including illegal fishing, sanctions busting, and drug smuggling, amongst others.

The AI-powered platform will help to optimise SLMARAD’s registration process with improved due-diligence procedures, streamlining the yearly re-application process for existing vessels and ensuring the good standing of ships currently sailing under the Sierra Leone flag.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Windward, the leading maritime AI solution in the industry,” said Marianna Fournari, General Manager of SLMARAD.

“Prior to using Windward’s platform we could only monitor vessels with AIS data. The platform allows us not only to investigate the vessels in our registry with ease but gives us an extra layer of insights into vessel behaviour that only advanced AI and over a decade of maritime expertise can provide.”

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