Smart Port Situational Awareness system launched by Awake.AI and Intel

Finland-based Awake.AI has launched its new Port Yard Situational Awareness system, developed in cooperation with Intel and combining edge, AI and 5G technologies to provide automated real-time awareness of utilisation rates and cargo flows.

The system uses machine-learning models to detect objects in the port yard using sensors installed in the port area, linked to Intel’s computer vision technologies, including edge and cloud instances powered by Intel Xeon processors.

The Smart Port service will enable port operators to receive advanced warning of disruptions from expected normal operations along the cargo flow based on analysis of the developing situation, to allow corrective or mitigating actions to be taken.

“For example, Lidar sensor data, often combined with other sources of data, can be used to optimise the arrival and departure of landside traffic. Sensors can detect congestion, enabling re-routing of port gate and inner area traffic,” said Karno Tenovuo, CEO of Awake.AI.

“The collaboration between Awake.AI and Intel has resulted in an AI-driven solution with great potential for the next step in digitalisation of global transportation. With Smart Port as a Service, ports have a well-defined path toward the future.”

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