MSC to link entire vessel fleet to cloud digital infrastructure

Container giant MSC is to link its entire owned fleet, consisting of approximately 500 ships, to Kongsberg’s Vessel Insight vessel-to-cloud digital data infrastructure, following the agreement of a new deal.

The five-year agreement includes delivery of the data infrastructure service as well as Kongsberg Digital´s Vessel Performance application for performance analysis.

The ships will also be directly linked to Kongsberg’s Kognifai Marketplace for access to third-party applications in areas like fuel and voyage optimisation, automated reporting and crew welfare.

“This is a very important contract for MSC as making our fleet more sustainable is one of our top priorities,” said Gianluigi De Maio, SVP, Manager of Fleet-Network-Terminal Efficiency, MSC.

“With Kongsberg Digital and the Vessel Insight data infrastructure we will be able to optimise our vessel operations to become more effective, sustainable, and safer.”

“The maritime industry is facing strict regulatory requirements to cut emissions and become more sustainable, and we are therefore very pleased and proud to have secured this contract. This is an important step on the way towards a greener operation.”

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