Funding secured for ‘autonomous-ready’ SeaShuttle green container ship

SeaShuttle, a project to build two hydrogen-powered, remotely controlled and autonomous-ready containerships for delivery by 2025, has secured NOK 150 million (approx. $15 million) in funding from Norwegian state body ENOVA.

The project, led by multimodal transport group Samskip and marine robotics firm Ocean Infinity, aims to develop two SeaShuttle ships to operate emissions-free between Oslo Fjord and Rotterdam, with each powered by a 3.2MW hydrogen fuel cell.

“Samskip is very proud to take the lead role in pioneering the SeaShuttle initiative, as part of its ‘making green logistics easy’ strategy,” said Are Gråthen, CEO, Samskip Norway.

“Securing this funding provides a platform to make emissions-free container shipping a reality. Together, Samskip and Ocean Infinity will also accelerate their plans to advance autonomous ship technologies, and remote operation of ships and cargo handling equipment. These ships are the first part of an exciting collaboration with Ocean Infinity.”

ENOVA, which operates as part of Norway’s Ministry of Climate and Environment, is providing the funding under its remit to promote more environmentally friendly energy consumption and production, and to support the development of technologies based on sustainable energy.

This government backing will allow the partners to move forward to contract the two new 500TEU ships installed with a main propulsion system that can be adapted to run on hydrogen fuel. A diesel electric propulsion plant will be on board as back up.

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